Karen Horneffer-Ginter
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Book Reviews for Full Cup, Thirsty Spirit

"This book is a good source of help upon the road to achieving balance within our overloaded, hectic lives.  If you have tried self help books and found them to be lacking, then I recommend you read this one, I thoroughly enjoyed it and found out a few things about myself that I wasn't aware of.  It helped to answer a lot of questions I had been asking myself of late.  Definitely recommend and well worth a read.  Five stars."

Sue Park at Sue's Reviewing Corner

"Reading Full Cup, Thirsty Spirit was like being immersed in a gentle love letter for the soul.  Filled with practical easy-to-implement tips as well as profound thought-provoking information."

Kayce Hughlett at Diamonds in the Sky with Lucy

"Karen's words leapt from the page…her book is all about living closer to your center.  Each chapter is chalk full of wisdom, tips, and exercises.  And the beauty of Karen's words is that this is not one size fits all."

Peggy Nolan at Serendipity Smiles

"It is pretty obvious I like Full Cup, Thirsty Spirit.  I have already referenced her in three posts.  I also have twenty-two more passages marked to put further thought to…The other reason why I really enjoyed this book is Karen is funny.  In places, laugh out loud funny."

Eliza Fayle at Silver & Grace

"I wished I had owned a copy of Full Cup, Thirsty Spirit when I was a young mother and working on balancing my life…and when I was doing counseling and working on a busy college campus…I would have referred this book to nearly everyone I encountered."

Patricia at Patricia's Wisdom

"Full Cup, Thirsty Spirit offers tools that can lead to a more balanced way of caring for ourselves in a holistic way.  More than a book, it can become a companion to guide you through life's challenges."

Sandi Amorim at Deva's Coaching

"What a lovely surprise Full Cup, Thirsty Spirit was! Karen Horneffer-Ginter comes across as a gentle friend, someone on whose sofa you want to curl up, someone whose quiet wisdom will enrich your life…There are many, many gems in this book, and I honestly urge you to read it."

Isabella Mori at Change Therapy

"Full Cup, Thirsty Spirit is filled with so many precious and practical suggestions to more effectively take care of ourselves.  It's a message caregivers need to hear: it's possible.  Here's how--"

Allie Axel at Caregiver's Survival Network

"Full Cup, Thirsty Spirit is a powerful little book with a topic perfect for beginning a new year, a new you…Each chapter includes a practice exercise for the reader to utilize the skills discussed in each section.  I've tried a few of them so I know this book has real value.  In fact Full Cup, Thirsty Spirit is one book I can foresee reading again and again…"

Shirley Martin at My Bookshelf

"Karen Horneffer-Ginter gives her readers methods and tips to slow down in the busy hurry up and go world we live in… So far I've highlighted the heck out of this book because so much of it resonates with me."

Thien-Kim Lam at From Left to Write

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