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Refreshment: Nurture for the Soul

When you consider taking time to refresh yourself, it is the ultimate form of nurture.

It is a way to show yourself appreciation for how you have expended your energy for the good of your family, your home, your community, your world.

It can also be permission to be okay with emotions you are feeling, especially if you have felt your space, energy or time encroached upon in some way, which you may not have realized at the outset.

When you give yourself time and space to tune into any emotional injury you may have received in the process, you can then gain a fresh perspective on your own reactions and feelings, reflect on what you could do differently, then plan your "next steps" in creating healthy boundaries and a personally empowered mindset for future life experiences.

When we choose to give ourselves that space and time to tune into our core desires and needs, we find nourishment for our souls and a reconnection with who we really are.

That nourishment, for me, often comes in the form of journal writing, prayer/meditation, painting and collage, and reading books and other resources that support and resonate with my personal nurture.

In Karen Horneffer-Ginter's book, "Full Cup, Thirsty Spirit," she shares the essential need of tuning in, to our hearts and to our needs. This action can enable us to act from a place of authenticity and a true source of energy that uplifts us and those we love as we then continue that tuning outward to what really matters to us.

Taking time to refresh yourself in whatever way helps you to appreciate, validate and nurture yourself is a time investment into your well being. It helps to establish and invigorate your purpose in life, creating a firm foundation of love and nurture, and enabling you to leave a positive, authentic and powerful mark in your world.

Read more from Dawn Herring at her website.

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