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Are you lost in your business?

I absolutely love Karen's book Full Cup, Thirsty Spirit. I have to admit, however, to reading it from a fairly intellectual perspective, since it was for a book review. I also have to admit to a bit of smugness on my part while reading it. After all, not only had I figured out how to take care of myself almost a decade ago, but I now teach the concepts to other women.

Then Karen asked me to write about what gets lost in life's busyness. Well, this brought me up short! Turns out I have lost something. My personal life!

As an entrepreneur it is all too easy to lose oneself in one's business. I am totally guilty of this. In fact, I have two businesses and am about to start a third one. I am completely passionate about all three ventures. They totally fulfill me, and as I am discovering, totally consume me.

This is not necessarily a good thing.

I used to run and do yoga. I used work in my gardens. I used to knit. I used to read books purely for the pleasure of it. This list goes on. If you are an entrepreneur, I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about, and have your very own 'used to' list.

Well, I determined to change my 'used to' list to 'am doing' list.

The trick is to create a framework, so I did the following:

•Established a 5 year vision

•Set this year's goals based on that vision

•Set monthly goals based on the year's goals

•Set weekly goals based on the monthly goals

You know what I discovered? I actually do not have to spend as much time on my business as I thought I did. Without this framework, I thought I had to work, work, and work, to build my businesses. I can actually achieve my business goals AND have plenty of time for my personal life.

Who knew? I am completely gobsmacked.

Are you lost in your own business? Perhaps you do not need to work as much as you think you do.

In her business life, Eliza Fayle guides women to OWN their Personal Power through Silver & Grace, and designs chainmaille jewelry through Touchstone Designs. In her personal life, now that she has one, she enjoys renovating her 1942 general store Quebec home with her very French husband.

Read more from Eliza Fayle at her website.

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April, 2013:  Are you lost in your business?

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