Karen Horneffer-Ginter
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Carving Out Our Own Retreat Day

I often find myself encouraging others (and myself as well) of the value of carving out a day to be quiet and listen within. Although few people would argue with this, most are quick to face the scheduling challenges of taking such time, and, even more so, their own fears about what they might do during such a day and what they might encounter while they're there.

One key that's helpful in approaching the idea of such a day is to consider a way of bringing structure, but not too much structure, to such timeā€”so that it can feel restorative without being anxiety promoting. A useful trick is to get a dozen or so index cards and on each one, write down an activity (or non-activity) that feels nourishing. These might include taking a walk, taking a nap, writing in a journal, or being in nature in some way.

By thinking of these ideas ahead of time, when your open day arrives, you can either pull out cards one-by-one, or spread them all out and consider what order of activities would best flow together. It's worth giving this a try . . .

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