Karen Horneffer-Ginter
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Inspecting Our Busyness

When I tell people that I'm writing a book about how to take care of ourselves when life's too busy, I'm often aware of how ridiculous this topic would seem in other cultures and other eras. "What do you mean too busy? Just tell them to stop being so busy-- isn't it as simple as that?"

Such reflections have made me see the value of considering what our role is in constructing our busyness. Certainly, to some degree it's imposed on us. But not entirely. When I've thought about this for myself, it's made me realize the association I carry between a busy life and a meaningful life. For others, it's been a recognition that they only feel important and valuable if they're busy, or that it's easier to avoid feeling what they don't want to feel by keeping their life filled to brim.

It's worth reflecting on this for yourself. Are there things you gain from being busy-- or think that you gain? Are the gains worth the costs?

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