Karen Horneffer-Ginter
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The Breaks We Miss

Even though I would rather experience the sort of all out break that comes from swinging on my hammock or taking a walk along Lake Michigan, sometimes I catch myself not taking advantage of the mini-breaks that do arrive throughout the day. Maybe it's the few minutes at the drive-thru window of the bank as I'm waiting for the teller to respond, or the backed up traffic when I'm driving home from work, or the time it takes my computer to turn on and be ready for my mouse clicks. On some days, I find myself feeling impatient and a bit agitated by these imposed waits. But, on other days-- when I'm at my best-- I remember to see these pauses as a chance to take a deep breath, or collect my thoughts, or connect with my sense of gratitude.

It's worth reminding ourselves of our choice in such moments-- we can either feel at the mercy of such external circumstances, or we can make the most of what comes our way by making these moments work for us.

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